Claim For Whiplash Injury + Symptoms

Whiplash is trauma to the neck of a driver or passenger caused by a vehicle collision, which causes a sudden forward and backward motion of the neck resulting in injury - from simple to moderate, transient pain to severe pain, and in extreme cases permanent injury to the neck and the surrounding body parts, shoulder and arms, or spinal column, or even the brain. In some instances, such as when the vehicle has been bumped on the side, neck rotation injury could result too.

Common Symptoms and Preventive Measures

Usually a day after the accident pain, swelling and inflammation in the neck and surrounding area can be felt. Headaches and pain radiating to the shoulder and arms can at times also be noticed. In most instances, the symptoms pass fairly quickly, often with the help of simple, gradual neck-rotating exercises, or even by just taking over-the-counter pain relievers like paracetamols and ibuprofen. In some cases, neck muscles, ligaments and nerves are overstretched leading to minor to severe pain in the neck , and occasionally to permanent and severe injuries like paralysis in some other parts of the body, like the arms, jaw and spinal column. Women are affected more than men due to the former's less stronger neck muscles compared to men. In these situations treatment could take significantly longher.

What To Do?

After any accident it is important that the pain and other symptoms are looked at by a doctor. Ideally, you should seek professional medical advice immediately after symptoms appear. Why? While most whiplash injuries are literally temporary pain in the neck which require no more than "first-aid" know how like taking full-strength paracetamols or ibuprofen for a day or two and little and gradual neck exercises, some cases could be worse and could lead to severe and permanent traumatic injuries. Injuries to the spinal column or backbone/vertebrae could lead to more serious implications if not investigated immediately.

Claiming Compensation For Whiplash Injuries

If you have suffered severe whiplash in a road accident it may be possible to claim compensation from the insurance company of the other driver. Many lawyers will offer a 'no win, no fee' service to help you claim compensation without incurring large legal bills - but before you get in touch with a solicitor we highly recommend learning more about your condition on our site.